Consilium Group

The Challenge: Consilium Group LLC, a consultancy firm, recognized the need to revitalize its brand to accommodate its expanding array of services and burgeoning business. Faced with consistent demand and remarkable growth, they embarked on a journey to infuse their company’s essence into a fresh visual identity, manifested in the redesign of their website. Inspired by the founder’s passion for alpinism, the aim was to convey the resilience and triumph found in conquering mountains, mirroring their unwavering commitment to advising clients toward success.

Logo Redesign

Consilium Group Logo Redesign


Consilium Group Concept


Consilium Group Variations


Consilium Group Sub-Brands

Typography and Color Palette

Consilium Group Typography and Color Palette

Website Redesign

Consilium Group Redesing Website

Brand Assets

Consilium Group Brand Assets 01
Consilium Group Brand Assets 02
Consilium Group Brand Assets 03
Consilium Group Brand Assets 04