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The Challenge: Forums@Work was founded as an entrepreneurial venture, but it quickly evolved into a prominent company that offers an exceptional platform for harnessing the power of meaningful conversations and carefully curated peer-to-peer forum-based programs, transforming the landscape of business leadership. This significant growth necessitated a rebranding effort and the adoption of a new name to reflect their achievements.

The brand’s name, inspired by the profound concept of “Satori,” was conceived with the intention of evoking a sense of awakening and comprehension. In the Zen Buddhist tradition, Satori represents a deep understanding of one’s true nature, a journey toward enlightenment. By choosing the name “Satori,” the brand aspires to capture the essence of enlightenment, much like the way “Satori” encapsulates the idea of profound understanding and awakening.

Logo Redesign

Satori Logo Redesign


Satori Concept

Typography and Color Palette

Satori Typography and Color Palette


Satori Variations

Brand Assets

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Satori Mockups 02
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